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In-depth Analytics

Generate and schedule reports to get deep metrics on when and how tasks are being performed throughout your organziation.

Create Once & Click Once

Keep your non-technical team members from the weeds by creating simple, single-click interfaces that automate your operations, doing the heavy-lifting for them.

Reusable Components

Unify your operation tasks into simple, reusable components and delegate control with fine-grain permissions.

Keeping it Simple

Just because your organization is complex, it doesn't mean your operational execution has to be!

Clikr Dashboard

Actionable Intelligence

Gather and report on actionable metrics that provide deep insight into how your organization leverages its infrastructure and business processes.


Let Clikr do the heavy lifting of orchestrating and automating your business processes. Take the human-element out of it to ensure SLA guarantees and operational efficiency.

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Clikr Integrations

Deep Integrations

Leverage the built in marketplace to intergrate Clikr with your existing tools such as Slack, Teams, BitBucket, Jira and more!

Haven't found an integration you're looking for? Reach out to our support team: